Staff Application Form

Take your time filling out this information. If you keyboard-whip through the questions it's highly probable we will keyboard-whip right past your application.

  • Your preferred in-game name.

  • Please use GMT not UTC

  • How long have you played rust ( In hours )

    Do you currently have a working microphone?

    Do you have any notable experience with the previously mentioned gameservers.

  • Do not list our server, we don't care for brown nosing!

  • We're looking for specific reasons -- features which draw you toward that particular server.

  • Have you ever been banned before? ( Be honest. It's not a trick question. )

  • Future staff members with development skills present a strong understanding of how the server operates.
    We are seeking staff members that have an understanding of C# or web development skills.
    There are small exceptions made for members which do not posses any development abilities.

  • What would you do if you caught a "RustRD Fanboi" cheating on the server?

  • Everyone can improve on something. Growing with the server is a great way to integrate within the community.