Released 05/31/2020

Key Changes

Backpack no longer allows any type of blueprints to be stored in it. This change has been made to prevent players from starting server wipes with items that are not allowed.

If you had any Blueprints in your backpack they have been lost. Along with the following items made from this change.

Blacklisted Items

  • explosives
  • explosives.bp
  • explosive.satchel
  • explosive.timed
  • ammo.rocket.hv
  • ammo.rocket.basic
  • ammo.rocket.sam
  • ammo.rocket.smoke
  • ammo.rifle.explosive
  • samsite
  • rocket.launcher
  • grenade.beancan
  • grenade.f1
  • keycard_green
  • keycard_blue
  • keycard_red