recent updates / changes

Released 06/09/2020

Key Changes

This change log will cover the changes made over the last few days.

  • Workbenches now apply their removed crafting restrictions to the area of which the tool cupboard affects.
  • A new arena has been added to the events available under the name ADM2.
  • Fully updated info page which presents more valuable player information.
  • Loot tables slightly nerfed.
  • Fixed possible dupe method used by SyncBox.
  • Tesla coils can no longer be damaged by themselves.
  • Weather (minus rain) is now fully dynamic to give a more realistic environment feel.
  • Started development of the tip system to display messages.
  • Development of premade bases has started for Donators. (bases will contain no deployables)
  • Server no longer uses the metric system for distance measured.
  • Death feed moved to the top of the screen and out of chat.
  • Skinned items no longer randomly found in the world.