server notes

Released 05/30/2020

Key Changes

After a little bit of struggling with the website until 5AM, We now have a new area that I will be placing changes made to the server. These changes may or may not effect gameplay. However it is important that the changes made on this page are reviewed from time to time. Without further adieu I present to you our first change log.

  • Radiation has been modified to effect to a maximum of 50% this means that you may go anywhere with a hazmat suit and not be effected by radiation.
  • Zombies spawn rate slightly reduced. 
  • Reduced the amount of spammy chat notices, Event notices will now use a single line instead of a paragraph to explain information.
  • The event testing phase is now over and only open up once per hour. 
  • Events now reward 3 points per kill and 5 points if you win the match.
  • You may now only purchase resource rewards with event tokens. All donator features removed due to drastically reducing the prices of our features.
  • The event shop will be undergoing some tuning to the new idea that events are "special" and the rewards will reflect as such. Allowing you to purchase unobtainable items.
  • The idea of giving away tons of stuff to new players is being reduced a little bit, An example of this is "join discord and get another free kit"
  • Info panel was reworked to provide only important information. 
  • All creatures, barrels and loot boxes drop more rewarding loot. This was to subside the changes made to removing the extra random kits.