PVE Server Changes
  •  PvE Server :

    DazRwqt.png Teamsize adjusted from 4 to 10
    DazRwqt.png Zombies appear at night as intended.

Making The Shift
  • Making the shift to separating the two game modes onto two different servers. PvP and PvE will be on separate two servers.

    Changes made to our current server to prepare for the PvP aspect.

    Tp1lWJ4.png Removed Glossary from Shift Menu
    Tp1lWJ4.png Removed ChangeLog from Shift Menu
    Tp1lWJ4.png Removed Report Form from Shift Menu
    Tp1lWJ4.png Removed WHOIS from Sever Utility Shift Menu
    Tp1lWJ4.png Disabled Zombies Spawning at night.
    Tp1lWJ4.png Removed Referral system 
    Tp1lWJ4.png Tesla Coils no longer last forever.
    DazRwqt.png Teaming with other clans/teams on the server is no longer allowed.
    Tp1lWJ4.png Trade system Disabled

Fireworks Gun
  • uCPHkUB.png Fireworks Gun has finally been added! Commands below:

    • /f to turn on the processing of weapon shots to shoot fireworks
    • while /f is in use /cf to cycle the color of fireworks

    DazRwqt.png Hostname of the server changed to RedDawn 1x from RedDawn.com 1x

Welcome Back Karen
  • uCPHkUB.png Karen was allowed back, Some said that it was kind of lame without some one asking to speak to the manager. Beware shes kinda pissy. Everyone should see her soon. Shes been equipped with a double shot pumpkin spiced latte.

    uCPHkUB.png Karens Map location is now again viewable as a CH47 with a crate attached to it.
    uCPHkUB.png We have a new way to handle cheaters on the server. ButterGun...

    • Weapons have a chance to slip out of the players hand and drop on the ground in front of them.
    • Items moved from a players inventory or box have a chance to drop on the ground.
    • When players reload a weapon it has a chance to reload with just 1 bullet in the chamber.
    • When players shoot other players the damage is instead done to themselves.
    • The affected player will appear on the map as a CH47.

    This information was publicly posted due to the fact that we have some one making videos and stealing our servers ideas and claiming them for their own on YouTube.

Weather Fix & Language Update
  • DazRwqt.png Upgraded changelog icons
    DazRwqt.png Changed the frequency of rain and fog
    DazRwqt.png Changed the language output of some plugins to better present their operation
    DazRwqt.png The trade cooldown has been changed to start after the player has accepted a trade. If the player fails to accept the trade, a cooldown is no longer applied.
    DazRwqt.png Instant crafting will now check to see if you have free space to prevent the item from dropping on the ground when its crafted.
    DazRwqt.png Hammer can now be instantly crafted.
    DazRwqt.png Stones can now be crafted again and are used to craft snowballs.
    DazRwqt.png Snowballs can now be crafted via the crafting menu.
Snowball StackSize Fix
  • DazRwqt.png Adjusted snowballs to stack in sizes of 100.
Bandit Shop Update
  • uCPHkUB.png Bandit Shop recreated from prefabs on the north side of GreenRidge
    uCPHkUB.png Added Airwolf to new Bandit Shop which is capable of selling both the Minicopter and the Scrap transport for tuna
    uCPHkUB.png Tuna Vendors moved from Outpost to the Bandit Shop
    uCPHkUB.png A /bandit command allows players to teleport to the bandit shop (5) teleports per day

    DazRwqt.png Minor fix to the Sentient Development going offline when a player connects to the server.

Some Random Fixes
  • DazRwqt.pngAllowed players to have more than 25 fireworks going at any given time. This may have a small impact on players in the vicinity however, Computers from 1998 shouldn't be playing rust anyway.
Karen Fix
  • DazRwqt.png Karen was caught sneaking coffee... She no longer will engage a target and stay focused on them after they die.
Stack Sizes 2K!
  • UAT0n27.png Adjusted Stacksizes of storage containers, 

    • bone.fragments 2000
    • charcoal 2000
    • cloth 2000
    • crude.oil 1000
    • diesel_barrel 50
    • fat.animal 2000
    • horsedung 100
    • hq.metal.ore 2000
    • leather 2000
    • metal.ore 2000
    • stones 2000
    • wood 2000
    • sulfur 2000
    • sulfur.ore 2000

    UAT0n27.png Armor Suit re-enabled, drastically reduced in damage reduction to match new server rates
    UAT0n27.png Armor Suit changed appearance

    DazRwqt.png Can no longer dupe the armor suit using sketchy methods.
    DazRwqt.png Adjusted size of stackable items in player inventory

    • can.tuna 50
    • can.beans 20


Karens Nerf Bat
  • Tp1lWJ4.png Karens splash damage radius reduced by 25%
    Tp1lWJ4.png Minimum player requirement of GreenRidge Racing reduced to 3

    UAT0n27.png Racetrack available every 45 minutes down from 2 hours.

    uCPHkUB.png Bandit camp contains gambling hall
    uCPHkUB.png Vending machines at RD Outpost offer more goods.
    uCPHkUB.png Added pvp event arena
    uCPHkUB.png Added new underground racing track
    uCPHkUB.png Race vehicles have mounted weapons
    uCPHkUB.png New tested feature available for all
    uCPHkUB.png Abandoned low tier monuments added to C9
    uCPHkUB.png Vehicle vendors added to map

    DazRwqt.png Fixed players falling through the map in various areas.

    UAT0n27.png Tuna prices of various items reduced. 
    UAT0n27.png Various discord channels will be removed and their contents will be posted on the website



Wipe Changes!
  • UAT0n27.png Backpacks will return to their previous configuration with the additional acceptance of beans. Only raw resources will be allowed. 
    UAT0n27.png Tuna prices of various items reduced. 

    Tp1lWJ4.png Bandit camp contains gambling hall. 
    Tp1lWJ4.png Vending machines at RDOutpost offer more goods.
    Tp1lWJ4.png Added pvp event arena
    Tp1lWJ4.png News Channel on discord will contain direct links with desc of website changelog.

    DazRwqt.png Drivers in racing will see updated race track positions.
    DazRwqt.png Passengers can no longer use X while racing.
    DazRwqt.png Fixed players falling through the map in various areas.


Server Fixes / New Features

  • uCPHkUB.png Added a new crafting system which will allow custom crafting of objects
    uCPHkUB.png Added the TM to the new crafting system
    uCPHkUB.png Added Gulag arena
    uCPHkUB.png Added Stalker Night arena
    uCPHkUB.png Added area where you can now jump down in Lockout arena

    UAT0n27.png Some windows updates 
    UAT0n27.png Moved walls in Lockout arena to allow players to stand on the edge of the arena

    DazRwqt.png Fixed issue with players not able to share a hijacked vehicle
    DazRwqt.png Moved air ship lower so that it does not exceed max height flying
    DazRwqt.png Moved around the terminals in the Gambling Boat so you should be able to gamble tuna now
    DazRwqt.png All reported green ridge bug reports resolved

New Referral System
  • uCPHkUB.png New player Referral system

    Players may now recruit new players to the server and earn donator features for doing so!
    Open the shift menu and select PLAYER REFERRAL , Give the player you are referring to the server your ID, Both you and the recruited players earn the benefits!
Back to Vanilla with ye'
  • Tp1lWJ4.png Removed islands, they had duplicate items, Might not be coming back
    Tp1lWJ4.png Restored original compound due to excessive tuna rework required
    Tp1lWJ4.png Scrapped underground racing idea will be revisited in the new map
    Tp1lWJ4.png Removed huge ass pitch fork, 
    Tp1lWJ4.png Big bill moved out, he lives in Montana now
    Tp1lWJ4.png Zombie hordes disabled for now
    Tp1lWJ4.png Gather rates returned to vanilla
    Tp1lWJ4.png Karens coffee was taken away
    Tp1lWJ4.png Chadley no longer eats his baked beans
    Tp1lWJ4.png Helicopter no longer marked on the map
    Tp1lWJ4.png Stack sizes drastically reduced across the board
    Tp1lWJ4.png Disabled the ability to put any weapon in a turret for now
    Tp1lWJ4.png PvE zone completely removed
    Tp1lWJ4.png Teleports for non doantors reduced to 5
    Tp1lWJ4.png Teleports for donators reduced to 10
    Tp1lWJ4.png Players no longer start with an auto kit

    DazRwqt.png Adjusted cargo path so it no longer goes under the map or outside of it
    DazRwqt.png Removed spawns which result in players spawning in the ocean.
    DazRwqt.png Fixed vending machines in the boot camps+
    DazRwqt.png Added an invisible wall to the arenas to prevent people from camping out in the event zone
    DazRwqt.png Fixed area in arena where players could fall off into the water.

    UAT0n27.png Map revision 17 -> 18
    UAT0n27.png Server Hostname changed to [US] RedDawn.com 1x Vanilla Modded

    uCPHkUB.png Added server tags biweekly, training (arena)