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  2. These are a list of the titles that may be earned on the server. Multiple ranks can be earned by any given player. Savage - Top PvP Kills Activist - Top PvE Kills BicGun - Longest PvE distance Shot killing a NPC Asshole - Top Sleepers Killed Hannibal - Most Skulls Crushed HeadHunter - Top Headshots Sudoku - Top Suicides Mercy - Top healing made Samsite - Top Karen Kills PanzerStaffeLFührerDrittenGrades - Top APC Kills CrazyIvan - Most explosives thrown Brrrr - Most bullets fired Boomer - Top Structures Demolished NoSleep - Top time played on the server
  3. This command list is going to be extensive as fuck... Its going to take time. If you see a command that has not been added to this list give me a message. Donator commands will not be found on this page. Mods found in in RED are RustRD Mods Mounds found in Purple are Public Mods Arena /arena - Opens the Arena UI, Allows the player to leave arena when they have entered and are in session /stats - Opens the Arena Stats UI leader board. Stats recorded on the leaderboard are arena based only. Backpack /backpack - opens the backpack, Also accessible from the shift menu. Clan /clan - Gives the overview of the clan /clan help - Gives the clan help /cinfo - Shows the information of another clan Hit Marker Settings /marker - Shows the hit marker settings Teleporting /home add NAME - Saves your current position as the location NAME. /home list - Shows you a list of all the locations you have saved. /home remove NAME - Removes the location NAME from your saved homes. /home NAME - Teleports you to the home location. /tpr - Sends a teleport request to the player. /tpa - Accepts an incoming teleport request. /tpc - Cancel teleport or request. /tpinfo - Shows limits and cooldowns. /tphelp - Shows help Ping /ping - Shows your latency to the server Pickup Hammer /pickup - Allows the pickup of items which players OWNERS have deployed. RustRD Racing /race join - Join an open race event /race leave - Leave the joined race event /race passenger PLAYERNAME - Join a driver as a passenger ( Passengers shoot and cause chaos) /race accept - Accept a request from a player attempting to join you as a passenger. /race decline - Decline a request from a player attempting to join you as a passenger. Player Referrals /refer - Allows a player to refer another player to the server which provides both players with donator privileges. Shift Menu (Server Menu) /help - Opens the main panel /info - Opens the server glossary Night Skipping /vote - Skips the night at the cost of a cost of tuna.
  4. All commands used to make Sentient Development respond to you are used to display information both in-game and in discord. To to Rust restrictions information sent from Sentient Development may result in some undesired formatting on the RustRD server. +donate You can donate to the server directly by visiting +connect You can connect to our server in 3 different ways: - Click this link from discord steam://connect/ while your game is closed It could take multiple clicks to work - Connect by finding our server in the modded list - Search for 1x It has the [US] Tag on it - Direct connect to our server by typing the following in your console - connect +race Race Commands: /race join - Join an open race event /race leave - Leave the joined race event /race passenger PLAYERNAME - Join a driver as a passenger ( Passengers shoot and cause chaos) /race accept - Accept a request from a player attempting to join you as a passenger. /race decline - Decline a request from a player attempting to join you as a passenger. +tuna To earn tuna on the server type /tuna in-game on our rust server. You will be given a code that you need to send directly to TUNA AUTH After successfully authenticating your in-game account to the TUNA AUTH bot you will be able to collect tuna in-game while playing. IF YOU ARE HAVING TROUBLE AUTHENTICATING AFTER AUTHENTICATING PREVIOUSLY TYPE /DETUNA +discordlink Our discord link is An easy to remember discord weblink is Please ensure that potential members of our server use either of the 2 links to join our discord server. Other links my cause undesirable results. +notnew Removes the role newguy from the user in discord. This command must be run by the player with the command. +wipe This server wipes on the first Thursday of every month with a 2 week wipe cycle. BP's are wiped on every First Thursday. We have a backpack, its wiped on the first Thursday of every month. BP's and backpacks are NOT wiped on the 2nd wipe in the biweekly cycle. +vote Tells Sentient Development to react to your message with a check and an x mark. +refer RustRD Referral system allows players to join the server with immediate benefits when encouraged to join by a recruiter. Both players involved in the referral process gain benefits of both Donator and ePatron roles. All donator privileges are granted to both players. You do not have to be an existing donator or a ePatron to earn the donator benefits of the server. When you recruit a player you and the recruited will both earn 6 hours of donator privileges. For each player you recruit you earn 6 hours of all RustRD paid privilege's. The time is not accumulative. It does not stack. Backpack space is lost and items will not be returned if you allow your donator privs to lapse. To get started open the shift menu and click on PLAYER REFERRAL to get started. Request your recruited members for their code when they join the server. This will allow both of you to earn the servers benefits! Questions or comments can be answered at any time in the #general channel. +rules Links the server rules to the discord channel. +discordcmds Sends discord a link of this page.
  5. RustRD Referral system allows players to join the server with immediate benefits when encouraged to join by a recruiter. Both players involved in the referral process gain benefits of both Donator and ePatron roles. ALL donator privileges are granted to both players. You do not have to be an existing donator or a ePatron to earn the donator benefits of the server. When a player is recruited, the recruiter and the recruited will both earn 6 hours of donator privileges. Each player recruited earns 6 hours of all RustRD paid privilege's. The time is not accumulative. It does not stack. Backpack space is lost and items will not be returned if you allow your donator privilege's to lapse. To get started open the shift menu and click on PLAYER REFERRAL to get started. Request your recruited members for their code when they join the server. This will allow both of you to earn the servers benefits! Questions or comments can be answered at any time in the #general channel.
  6. This is a place holder that will explain racing events GreenRidge Race Track UnderGround Racing
  7. This is a place holder for arena events and a description of each. GunGame Arena DeathMatch Team DeathMatch Zombies Survival 1 In The Chamber
  8. Backpacks can store the following items. apple bearmeat black.berry black.raspberries blood blue.berry blueberries bone.fragments cactusflesh can.beans charcoal chicken.raw chocholate clone.corn clone.hemp clone.potato clone.pumpkin clone.white.berry clone.yellow.berry cloth corn crude.oil deermeat.raw diesel_barrel fish.raw fat.animal granolabar green.berry horsedung hq.metal.ore humanmeat.raw jar.pickle meat.boar leather metal.ore mushroom note pookie.bear potato photo plantfiber red.berry pumpkin rock scrap seed.corn seed.hemp seed.potato seed.pumpkin seed.white.berry seed.yellow.berry sulfur.ore stones white.berry wolfmeat.raw wood yellow.berry Items which have changed stances and are now allowed in backpacks. door.key The following items may not be stored in your backpack. abovegroundpool ammo.grenadelauncher.buckshot ammo.grenadelauncher.he ammo.grenadelauncher.smoke ammo.nailgun.nails ammo.pistol ammo.pistol.hv ammo.rifle ammo.rifle.explosive ammo.rifle.hv ammo.rifle.incendiary ammo.rocket.basic ammo.rocket.hv ammo.rocket.sam ammo.rocket.smoke ammo.shotgun ammo.shotgun.slug ammo.snowballgun antiradpills apple.spoiled arcade.machine.chippy arrow.bone arrow.hv arrow.wooden attire.banditguard attire.bunny.onesie attire.bunnyears attire.hide.helterneck attire.hide.pants attire.hide.poncho attire.hide.skirt attire.hide.vest attire.nesthat attire.reindeer.headband autoturret axe.salvaged bandage barrelcostume barricade.concrete barricade.metal barricade.sandbags barricade.stone barricade.wood barricade.wood.cover barricade.woodwire battery.small bbq beachchair beachparasol beachtable beachtowel bearmeat.burned bearmeat.cooked bed bleach blueprintbase bone.armor.suit boogieboard boots.frog botabag bow.compound bow.hunting box.wooden box.wooden.large bucket.helmet bucket.water building.planner burlap.gloves burlap.headwrap burlap.shirt burlap.trousers cakefiveyear campfire can.beans.empty can.tuna can.tuna.empty candycane candycaneclub car.key carburetor1 carburetor2 carburetor3 ceilinglight chainsaw chair chicken.burned chicken.cooked chicken.spoiled chineselantern clatter.helmet coal coffeecan.helmet composter computerstation crankshaft1 crankshaft2 crankshaft3 cratecostume crossbow cupboard.tool cursedcauldron deer.skull.mask deermeat.burned deermeat.cooked diving.fins diving.mask diving.tank diving.wetsuit door.closer door.double.hinged.metal door.double.hinged.toptier door.double.hinged.wood door.hinged.industrial.a door.hinged.metal door.hinged.toptier door.hinged.wood dragondoorknocker dropbox drumkit easter.bronzeegg easter.goldegg easter.paintedeggs easter.silveregg easterbasket easterdoorwreath electric.andswitch electric.audioalarm electric.battery.rechargable.large electric.battery.rechargable.medium electric.battery.rechargable.small electric.blocker electric.button electric.cabletunnel electric.counter electric.doorcontroller electric.flasherlight electric.fuelgenerator.small electric.generator.small electric.hbhfsensor electric.heater electric.igniter electric.laserdetector electric.orswitch electric.pressurepad electric.random.switch electric.rf.broadcaster electric.rf.receiver electric.simplelight electric.sirenlight electric.solarpanel.large electric.splitter electric.sprinkler electric.switch electric.teslacoil electric.timer electric.xorswitch electrical.branch electrical.combiner electrical.memorycell elevator explosive.satchel explosive.timed explosives ducttape fertilizer fireplace.stone firework.boomer.champagne firework.boomer.violet firework.romancandle.violet firework.volcano firework.volcano.violet fish.cooked fish.minnows fish.troutsmall fishingrod.handmade fishtrap.small flamethrower flameturret flare flashlight.held floor.grill floor.ladder.hatch floor.triangle.grill floor.triangle.ladder.hatch fluid.combiner fluid.splitter fluid.switch fogmachine fridge fun.bass fun.cowbell fun.flute fun.guitar fun.jerrycanguitar fun.tambourine fun.trumpet fun.tuba furnace furnace.large fuse gates.external.high.stone gates.external.high.wood gears geiger.counter generator.wind.scrap ghostsheet giantcandycanedecor giantlollipops gloweyes glue gravestone grenade.beancan grenade.f1 grenade.smoke gun.water gunpowder guntrap habrepair halloween.candy halloween.lootbag.large halloween.lootbag.medium halloween.lootbag.small halloween.mummysuit halloween.surgeonsuit hammer hammer.salvaged hat.beenie hat.boonie hat.candle hat.cap hat.dragonmask hat.miner hat.ratmask hat.wolf hatchet hazmatsuit hazmatsuit.spacesuit hazmatsuit_scientist hazmatsuit_scientist_peacekeeper healingtea healingtea.advanced healingtea.pure heavy.plate.helmet heavy.plate.jacket heavy.plate.pants hitchtroughcombo hobobarrel hoodie horse.armor.roadsign horse.armor.wood horse.saddle horse.saddlebag horsemeat.burned horsemeat.cooked horsemeat.raw hosetool humanmeat.burned humanmeat.cooked humanmeat.spoiled icepick.salvaged innertube innertube.unicorn jacket jacket.snow jackhammer jackolantern.angry jackolantern.happy kayak keycard_blue keycard_green keycard_red knife.bone knife.butcher knife.combat ladder.wooden.wall lantern largecandles largemedkit lmg.m249 lock.code lock.key locker longsword lowgradefuel lunar.firecrackers mace machete mailbox map mask.balaclava mask.bandana maxhealthtea maxhealthtea.advanced maxhealthtea.pure meat.pork.burned meat.pork.cooked metal.facemask metal.fragments metal.plate.torso metal.refined metalblade metalpipe metalspring mining.pumpjack mining.quarry mixingtable modularcarlift movembermoustache movembermoustachecard multiplegrenadelauncher newyeargong nightvisiongoggles oretea oretea.advanced oretea.pure paddle paddlingpool pants pants.shorts paper partyhat photoframe.landscape photoframe.large photoframe.portrait piano pickaxe pistol.eoka pistol.m92 pistol.nailgun pistol.python pistol.revolver pistol.semiauto pistol.water piston1 piston2 piston3 pitchfork planter.large planter.small powered.water.purifier propanetank pumpkinbasket radiationremovetea radiationremovetea.advanced radiationremovetea.pure radiationresisttea radiationresisttea.advanced radiationresisttea.pure research.table researchpaper rf.detonator rf_pager rifle.ak rifle.bolt rifle.l96 rifle.lr300 rifle.m39 rifle.semiauto riflebody riot.helmet roadsign.gloves roadsign.jacket roadsign.kilt roadsigns rocket.launcher rope rug rug.bear rustige_egg_a rustige_egg_b rustige_egg_c rustige_egg_d salvaged.cleaver salvaged.sword samsite santabeard santahat scarecrow scarecrow.suit scarecrowhead scientistsuit_heavy scraptea scraptea.advanced scraptea.pure searchlight secretlabchair semibody sewingkit sheetmetal shelves shirt.collared shirt.tanktop shotgun.double shotgun.pump shotgun.spas12 shotgun.waterpipe shutter.metal.embrasure.a shutter.metal.embrasure.b shutter.wood.a sickle sign.hanging sign.hanging.banner.large sign.hanging.ornate sign.neon.125x125 sign.neon.125x215 sign.neon.125x215.animated sign.neon.xl sign.neon.xl.animated sign.pictureframe.landscape sign.pictureframe.portrait sign.pictureframe.tall sign.pictureframe.xl sign.pictureframe.xxl sign.pole.banner.large sign.wooden.huge sign.wooden.large sign.wooden.medium sign.wooden.small skull.human skull.trophy skull.trophy.jar skull.trophy.jar2 skull.trophy.table skull.wolf skull_fire_pit skulldoorknocker skullspikes skullspikes.candles skullspikes.pumpkin sled sled.xmas sleepingbag small.oil.refinery smallcandles smallwaterbottle smart.alarm smart.switch smg.2 smg.mp5 smg.thompson smgbody snowball snowballgun snowmachine snowman sofa sparkplug1 sparkplug2 sparkplug3 spear.stone spear.wooden spiderweb spikes.floor spinner.wheel spookyspeaker stash.small sticks stocking.large stocking.small stone.pickaxe stonehatchet storage.monitor strobelight sulfur sunglasses sunglasses02black sunglasses02camo sunglasses02red sunglasses03black sunglasses03chrome sunglasses03gold supply.signal surveycharge syringe.medical table tactical.gloves target.reactive tarp techparts telephone tool.binoculars tool.instant_camera toolgun torch trap.bear trap.landmine tshirt tshirt.long tunalight twitch.headset twitchsunglasses valve1 valve2 valve3 vehicle.1mod.cockpit vehicle.1mod.cockpit.armored vehicle.1mod.cockpit.with.engine vehicle.1mod.engine vehicle.1mod.flatbed vehicle.1mod.passengers.armored vehicle.1mod.rear.seats vehicle.2mod.flatbed vehicle.2mod.fuel.tank vehicle.2mod.passengers vehicle.chassis vehicle.chassis.2mod vehicle.chassis.3mod vehicle.chassis.4mod vehicle.module vending.machine wall.external.high wall.external.high.stone wall.frame.cell wall.frame.cell.gate wall.frame.fence wall.frame.fence.gate wall.frame.garagedoor wall.frame.netting wall.frame.shopfront wall.frame.shopfront.metal wall.graveyard.fence wall.window.bars.metal wall.window.bars.toptier wall.window.bars.wood watchtower.wood water water.barrel water.catcher.large water.catcher.small water.purifier water.salt waterjug waterpump weapon.mod.8x.scope weapon.mod.flashlight weapon.mod.holosight weapon.mod.lasersight weapon.mod.muzzleboost weapon.mod.muzzlebrake weapon.mod.silencer weapon.mod.simplesight weapon.mod.small.scope wiretool wolfmeat.burned wolfmeat.cooked wolfmeat.spoiled wood.armor.helmet wood.armor.jacket wood.armor.pants woodcross woodtea woodtea.advanced woodtea.pure workbench1 workbench2 workbench3 wrappedgift wrappingpaper xmas.decoration.baubels xmas.decoration.candycanes xmas.decoration.gingerbreadmen xmas.decoration.lights xmas.decoration.pinecone xmas.decoration.tinsel xmas.door.garland xmas.lightstring xmas.lightstring.advanced xmas.present.large xmas.present.medium xmas.present.small xmas.tree xmas.window.garland xmasdoorwreath xylophone
  9. ```asciidoc == The team of RustRD is recruiting! Looking for casual to skilled players looking to have a good time. Our team offers a mature, engaging and friendly atmosphere to the community of Rust while promoting ACTUAL non toxic and non trolling behavior!``` Heres what we are looking for: :agree: Players with a great attitude, This usually comes from adults, But sometimes adolescents :agree: Players who understand that this is a game about being killed, and your stuff being taken :agree: Players who have good sportsmanship. We dont want sore losers. :agree: We prefer if you have a mic , Its okay if you dont. We dont expect you to use it 24/7 though. :agree: Players who can play a few hours a night. We know life can get in the way. Thats okay! Heres what we are `NOT` looking for: :disagree: Players who have the need to be excessively annoying. Screaming on mic , throwing a tantrum. :disagree: Players who are impatient with the lack of interest in planning. :disagree: Players who are incapable of following the servers rules. :disagree: `Players who only care about their hours or how well they can spray.` :disagree: Players who cant be bothered to read a post for team recruitment. The server we play on: :Winner: - High quality modifications from the community no public mod garbage :Winner: - 3x Server, Custom loot tables, Custom AI scripting, Custom Vehicles :Winner: - Private in house custom map, Custom Monuments , Puzzles and traps :Winner: - Extreme prejudice to cheating. If you believe that this post represents what you stand for as a person and what you're looking for in a team/community hit me up.
  10. This is a basic cut and dry list of our servers customization. Due to this server being a live project its always going to be under development. This post will change to reflect the servers development as it progresses. Donators have the privilege of seeing the servers Trello Development Map. Any items listed in PINK/VIOLET Are donator features. This is a work in progress please give me time to fill out all the modifications and their definition. AOE Sorting Allows players to instantly dump their entire inventory into player selected containers. Making it easy to pump their base full of freshly farmed loot. No need to spend minutes of time dumping out your inventory. RustRD loot tables Custom loot tables through-out all drops on the server which offer items that you wouldnt normally find within the vanilla loot tables. We have tried to make our loot tables seem realistic. Its unlikely you would find C4 in a barrel. Or an apply on Chadley. Armor Suit Provides subscribers with a medium-basic set of armor that allows players to withstand the majority of RustRD's environmental ailments. Backpack Gives players the ability to move resources through server wipes or protect materials even though their base was flattened. Also provides the ability for players to move server currency through wipes at a heavily reduced exchange rate. Player Join Notification When a player joins the server plays an effect that can catch a players attention. Also reports to discord when the players is a new player. Provides the community with information which can easily be used to look up the player and find out more about them. This is a handy tool to kinda get the feel of what a player is like prior to encountering them on a server. Server Chat Titles This allows players who have earned some status within the server to have a title which can represent their status. Not much of a huge change but this allows us to allow players to stand out that are particularly helpful or have donated to the server. Server Chat Nuker Allows the server to catch particular words or phrases that don't have a place in our community. Upon catching these phrases, removes the message from the chat and mutes the player for 15 minutes. Players that continuedly trigger the chat nuker get nuked from the server. Tuna Betting Allows players to place tuna on the gambling wheel in hopes that they may be able to earn some tuna back. Building Action Modifier (TUNA) When a building has been placed it has a timer which will tick away which locks the building piece in place as per usual. However on RustRD Once the piece has been locked into place it may be removed by expending tuna to remove walls etc. Building Grades - PUBLIC GARBAGE Allows players to AOE upgrade a base to a tier. AOE Workbench zone Allows players workbenches to be used in their base in total coverage of their base location. It is no longer required that a player has to be right at the work bench to craft something. Player Chest Stacking Allows players to stack chests, Large and small are the only chests which can be stacked. This helps with players that have a ridiculous level of OCD (Me). Clans Allows players to formulate groups which they can share immunity of turrets, or authorization of locks and other rust nuisance team sharing. Donator Chat Coloring Players can pick and choose what color they would like their name and their messages to be. Or the players who really want to obsess can have rainbow colors. Server Damage Controller Damage of some entities have been reduced to offset the 3x rate of the server. On Screen Death Log Prints out information on screen in the upper left when something or some one dies. Tuna Authorization When players send the provided code from an ingame message to the TUNA AUTH bot in discord provides them with the ability to earn tuna every 10 minutes.
  11. This package contains a few very specific set of features which the gold status does not contain. This is a subscription with a limited availability. Canceling this subscription removes you from the program.

    Armor set which contains the highest protection of any class/tier besides heavy armor.
    Armor contains a specially designed skin which can only be obtained via this armor.
    If armor is removed its immediately destroyed.
    Special effects which follow the player that can be changed or disabled.
    Chat Icon which represents your Elite Patron status.
    No food or water drain.
    Special Discord rank & Color



  12. This package contains ALL of RustRD's current and future donation packages. As new donator features become available, This package will apply the new features.

    • Active Furnace Sorting.
    • Auto door closing.
    • Box Sorting with skinning.
    • Item Pulling.
    • Random Triggered Item Skinning on applicable weapons and tools.
    • Random Triggered Item Skinning on applicable entity items.
    • Box Sort (without skinning).
    • Direct Skin selection from the workshop to use on supported items.
    • Name Color (Chat Box).
    • Message Color(Chat Box).
    • Gradient & Rainbow Coloring for Names and messages within the Chatbox.
    • [PREMIUM] or Customized name tag for the Chatbox.
    • Discord Patron role.
    • Name shown in-game at the donator shrine for your support and dedication to our server.
    • Instant Crafting.
    • Backpacks offer one additional row of storage.
    • Claim Vehicles. (Only you may pilot/drive)
    • No Decay on personal claimed vehicles.
    • Long distance trading.



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