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  3. Fixed some clothing casting incorrect shadows Fixed respawn icons not properly merging when creating a combined respawn icon Fixed push to talk setting not being respected when talking on a phone (if this is enabled you need to hold your push to talk key to speak into a Telephone) Fixed some non English characters in player names causing display issues in the inventory Fixed being able to slide open the windows of a locked armoured cockpit module that's directly in front of a taxi module that a player is riding in Sleeping bags that are too close to another sleeping bag will now be tinted orange while placing (also affects Beds and Beach Towels) Fixed some incorrect sound effects on the Telephone Voice audio transmitted through Telephones now has some audio filters applied Car lock info tooltips wait a while before showing up again SAM sites no longer target hot air balloons that aren't inflated Reduced research cost of T2 engine parts Reduced weather event chances - more clear skies Allow players to boost voices from the options menu rather than needing to use the console Disabled Xmas event and craftable item View full
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  5. ```asciidoc == The team of RustRD is recruiting! Looking for casual to skilled players looking to have a good time. Our team offers a mature, engaging and friendly atmosphere to the community of Rust while promoting ACTUAL non toxic and non trolling behavior!``` Heres what we are looking for: :agree: Players with a great attitude, This usually comes from adults, But sometimes adolescents :agree: Players who understand that this is a game about being killed, and your stuff being taken :agree: Players who have good sportsmanship. We dont want sore losers. :agree: We prefer if you have a mic , Its okay if you dont. We dont expect you to use it 24/7 though. :agree: Players who can play a few hours a night. We know life can get in the way. Thats okay! Heres what we are `NOT` looking for: :disagree: Players who have the need to be excessively annoying. Screaming on mic , throwing a tantrum. :disagree: Players who are impatient with the lack of interest in planning. :disagree: Players who are incapable of following the servers rules. :disagree: `Players who only care about their hours or how well they can spray.` :disagree: Players who cant be bothered to read a post for team recruitment. The server we play on: :Winner: - High quality modifications from the community no public mod garbage :Winner: - 3x Server, Custom loot tables, Custom AI scripting, Custom Vehicles :Winner: - Private in house custom map, Custom Monuments , Puzzles and traps :Winner: - Extreme prejudice to cheating. :Winner: - `connect` If you believe that this post represents what you stand for as a person and what you're looking for in a team/community hit me up.
  6. This is a basic cut and dry list of our servers customization. Due to this server being a live project its always going to be under development. This post will change to reflect the servers development as it progresses. Donators have the privilege of seeing the servers Trello Development Map. Any items listed in PINK/VIOLET Are donator features. This is a work in progress please give me time to fill out all the modifications and their definition. AOE Sorting Allows players to instantly dump their entire inventory into player selected containers. Making it easy to pump their base full of freshly farmed loot. No need to spend minutes of time dumping out your inventory. RustRD loot tables Custom loot tables through-out all drops on the server which offer items that you wouldnt normally find within the vanilla loot tables. We have tried to make our loot tables seem realistic. Its unlikely you would find C4 in a barrel. Or an apply on Chadley. Armor Suit Provides subscribers with a medium-basic set of armor that allows players to withstand the majority of RustRD's environmental ailments. Backpack Gives players the ability to move resources through server wipes or protect materials even though their base was flattened. Also provides the ability for players to move server currency through wipes at a heavily reduced exchange rate. Player Join Notification When a player joins the server plays an effect that can catch a players attention. Also reports to discord when the players is a new player. Provides the community with information which can easily be used to look up the player and find out more about them. This is a handy tool to kinda get the feel of what a player is like prior to encountering them on a server. Server Chat Titles This allows players who have earned some status within the server to have a title which can represent their status. Not much of a huge change but this allows us to allow players to stand out that are particularly helpful or have donated to the server. Server Chat Nuker Allows the server to catch particular words or phrases that don't have a place in our community. Upon catching these phrases, removes the message from the chat and mutes the player for 15 minutes. Players that continuedly trigger the chat nuker get nuked from the server. Tuna Betting Allows players to place tuna on the gambling wheel in hopes that they may be able to earn some tuna back. Building Action Modifier (TUNA) When a building has been placed it has a timer which will tick away which locks the building piece in place as per usual. However on RustRD Once the piece has been locked into place it may be removed by expending tuna to remove walls etc. Building Grades - PUBLIC GARBAGE Allows players to AOE upgrade a base to a tier. AOE Workbench zone Allows players workbenches to be used in their base in total coverage of their base location. It is no longer required that a player has to be right at the work bench to craft something. Player Chest Stacking Allows players to stack chests, Large and small are the only chests which can be stacked. This helps with players that have a ridiculous level of OCD (Me). Clans Allows players to formulate groups which they can share immunity of turrets, or authorization of locks and other rust nuisance team sharing. Donator Chat Coloring Players can pick and choose what color they would like their name and their messages to be. Or the players who really want to obsess can have rainbow colors. Server Damage Controller Damage of some entities have been reduced to offset the 3x rate of the server. On Screen Death Log Prints out information on screen in the upper left when something or some one dies. Tuna Authorization When players send the provided code from an ingame message to the TUNA AUTH bot in discord provides them with the ability to earn tuna every 10 minutes.
  7. This package contains a few very specific set of features which the gold status does not contain. This is a subscription with a limited availability. Canceling this subscription removes you from the program.

    Armor set which contains the highest protection of any class/tier besides heavy armor.
    Armor contains a specially designed skin which can only be obtained via this armor.
    If armor is removed its immediately destroyed.
    Special effects which follow the player that can be changed or disabled.
    Chat Icon which represents your Elite Patron status.
    No food or water drain.
    Special Discord rank & Color



  8. This package contains ALL of RustRD's current and future donation packages. As new donator features become available, This package will apply the new features.

    • Active Furnace Sorting.
    • Auto door closing.
    • Box Sorting with skinning.
    • Item Pulling.
    • Random Triggered Item Skinning on applicable weapons and tools.
    • Random Triggered Item Skinning on applicable entity items.
    • Box Sort (without skinning).
    • Direct Skin selection from the workshop to use on supported items.
    • Name Color (Chat Box).
    • Message Color(Chat Box).
    • Gradient & Rainbow Coloring for Names and messages within the Chatbox.
    • [PREMIUM] or Customized name tag for the Chatbox.
    • Discord Patron role.
    • Name shown in-game at the donator shrine for your support and dedication to our server.
    • Instant Crafting.
    • Backpacks offer one additional row of storage.
    • Claim Vehicles. (Only you may pilot/drive)
    • No Decay on personal claimed vehicles.
    • Long distance trading.



  9. Developement hasnt slowed a single bit. Here is the massive amount of changes that have been made over the last week. New exciting features along with highly desired changes. - Slightly nerfed to the new changes made to the raidable bases. Thanks for helping test @KJBoring - Started server specific outfit now that I know how to make glowing textures (Umbrellas Corporation outfit) - New custom skinned box will be used for syncbox. - Zombie population reduced to half - Zombie horde size reduced to half - Zombie hordes now roam the server, Some testing will be required. -It is now possible to spawn anywhere on the map, not just on the beach now. - Slightly nerfed to the new changes made to the raidable bases. Thanks for helping test @KJBoring - Started server specific outfit now that I know how to make glowing textures (Umbrellas Corporation outfit) - New custom skinned box will be used for syncbox. - Raidable bases difficulty slightly increased - Ability to pickup all of your own deployed items - RRD Token store will get some TLC - Team chat no longer logged in #server-log - Raidable bases is announced on discord - Crate drops announced on discord - Chests now stack - Chest stacking is a non donator feature. Its available to everyone. - BoxSorter now allows you to sort your inventory to boxes around you. - BoxSorter no longer specifies a skin, you need to use /skins to select the skin you prefer for your boxes. - each of these events will have a detailed description(edited) - Events can now be on the ground its no longer required to be in the sky - Server restart time will change to 5am to avoid interrupted game play. - Box Sorter now allows you to dump your inventory into the proper boxes instantly. - Box Sorter now allows pulling ALL loot from your inventory with 1 button click. - Old Ui methods are being removed by 6/15 - zombie population reduced to half - zombie horde population reduced to 5 in a horde - added 13 box skins for the box sorter - Command to access the event system has changed from /m to /event - Grocery Punchout , A new land based arena added for 1v1 or 2v2 , start with few weapons, and light armor. - Admin no longer has to change the time of day on the server to be able to work, I can now change the time locally for just my player. - TDM Grocery Punchout variant added, Teams use different clothing sets skinned by the event system. - New arena set has been added for smaller arena fights that don't include explosives', rocket launchers etc. - TDM arenas have friendly fire enabled. Be careful not to shoot your friends! - New Event system called 1 ITC (one in the chamber) This event allows players 1 weapon with a single bullet, the second weapon a combat knife. - The original arena is no longer called (a1) , Its now called Facing Adversity (A rip from the classic map name Facing Worlds UT) - You can now select what team you which to be apart of in a TDM match version, Its no longer entirely random. - Sticking with the red dawn theme properly. Finally we have red instead of disgusting orange... - Events now have images which show you what youre joining - New event system called Gun Game has been added, Kill players with weapons rated at different ranks to progress, Be the first person to kill some one with the last rank weapon to win. - Scoreboard can be found in the top right with ranking information - All map styles will be available to the new gungame game mode. - Players which reach 400 hours server time are immediately granted all donator features (THIS IS NOT RETROACTIVE!!!) - Server restarts moved to 3AM -7GMT
  10. This change log will cover the changes made over the last few days. Workbenches now apply their removed crafting restrictions to the area of which the tool cupboard affects. A new arena has been added to the events available under the name ADM2. Fully updated info page which presents more valuable player information. Loot tables slightly nerfed. Fixed possible dupe method used by SyncBox. Tesla coils can no longer be damaged by themselves. Weather (minus rain) is now fully dynamic to give a more realistic environment feel. Started development of the tip system to display messages. Development of premade bases has started for Donators. (bases will contain no deployables) Server no longer uses the metric system for distance measured. Death feed moved to the top of the screen and out of chat. Skinned items no longer randomly found in the world.
  11. Added a couple forms to the website for: Staff Applications - I might not always be on 24/7 to help players with issues. Bug Reporting - We try everything in our power to make sure the server runs as best it can.
  12. Changed Long ID to 6 Changed Release Date to 06/05/2020
  13. Server info panel now displays more prevalent information pertaining directly to the play of the game server.
  14. Discovered the server wasnt allowing clients to fully connect and was causing a by a map meshing issue. Syncbox is now loaded on the server and available for all players to use. Commands are now issued automatically when the server wipes , there is no need for manual configuration after a server wipe. Fixed bork'ed loading screen. Event Manager spam fixed.
  15. Multiple unreleated changes to the website and discord have been made in this changelog. Website is now using SSL across the board. Pretty easy to setup but helps the ranking of our website within google search engine results. Discord now posts the profile of the connecting player. Discord status updates update every 30 seconds, the API was getting hammered kicking the bot offline. Server Status monitor is back online. Has some skewed results as the server of the IP has changed, Overtime it will get back on track.
  16. Changed Long ID to 1 Changed Release Date to 05/31/2020
  17. Backpack no longer allows any type of blueprints to be stored in it. This change has been made to prevent players from starting server wipes with items that are not allowed. If you had any Blueprints in your backpack they have been lost. Along with the following items made from this change. Blacklisted Items explosives explosives.bp explosive.satchel explosive.timed ammo.rocket.hv ammo.rocket.basic ammo.rocket.sam ammo.rocket.smoke ammo.rifle.explosive samsite rocket.launcher grenade.beancan grenade.f1 keycard_green keycard_blue keycard_red
  18. After a little bit of struggling with the website until 5AM, We now have a new area that I will be placing changes made to the server. These changes may or may not effect gameplay. However it is important that the changes made on this page are reviewed from time to time. Without further adieu I present to you our first change log. Radiation has been modified to effect to a maximum of 50% this means that you may go anywhere with a hazmat suit and not be effected by radiation. Zombies spawn rate slightly reduced. Reduced the amount of spammy chat notices, Event notices will now use a single line instead of a paragraph to explain information. The event testing phase is now over and only open up once per hour. Events now reward 3 points per kill and 5 points if you win the match. You may now only purchase resource rewards with event tokens. All donator features removed due to drastically reducing the prices of our features. The event shop will be undergoing some tuning to the new idea that events are "special" and the rewards will reflect as such. Allowing you to purchase unobtainable items. The idea of giving away tons of stuff to new players is being reduced a little bit, An example of this is "join discord and get another free kit" Info panel was reworked to provide only important information. All creatures, barrels and loot boxes drop more rewarding loot. This was to subside the changes made to removing the extra random kits.
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