• Cheating
    Using 3rd party applications to gain an advantage will result in a permanent ban. This includes cheating, scripts and macros. Using any sort of external program in any way to gain any sort of information from the server which results in a benefit of any kind will result in permanent ban and report to EAC. Any suspected cheating will be reported for EAC for investigation. If cheating is how you play rust, Avoid this server , you will be banned. We promise.

    Spamming / Flooding
    Spamming chat will result in an immediate server mute. There are zero chances with this rule. No one wants to see you asking 50 times in a night for some c4 blueprints. Avoid asking the same question over and over. If you actually need REAL assistance because something is wrong post within the appropriate discord channel for assistance.

    If you post a message and it gets removed administration has deemed that it was inappropriate or that it does not fit within the confines of our community. AVOID REPOSTING IT!

    Mic Blasting / Spamming
    Screaming on the mic within our discord channels will result in a permanent discord mute. This is entirely unacceptable and will not be tolerated under any circumstances, If you cannot contain your excitement when you find an AK in a food crate. Use push to talk.

    Popping in and out of channels and blurting out something stupid because you think its funny is interruptive and worthy of a permanent voice mute.

    Bottom line -- Don't bother people in voice channels.

    Abuse of Exploits
    Using & abusing game exploits will result in ban. This includes getting into places outside of the map, or into rocks etc. Our server is highly modded , It is possible that a player may obtain a benefit in the game due to the modifications we have made, If at any time an exploit or unexpected edge is gained from these modifications and is abused it will result in game time suspension. Please take the time to report unintentional game exploits so they can be fixed immediately.

    In most cases rewards are given for discovery of exploits.

    Keeping the Peace
    Server administration and staff have one goal here on RustRD. Our goal is to make this server a fun and enjoyable time away from the real world. Staff and administration is never out to hurt your experience on the server. Please respect staff at all times, If a staff member requests you to stop doing something, Its a request that keeps the server priority in perspective first. If you have a problem with a member of administration talk with that individual hash things out.

    The Silver Platter Rule
    Avoid joining the server and immediately asking for handouts. Everyone just starting out struggles. Its a normal part of Rust, We have a higher rate server , your struggle wont last that long. If you genuinely need help post on our discord. Keep excessive requests for assistance out of our servers chat.

    We are a Discord Community
    Posting any sort of NSFW / Excessively vulgar content outside of the #general #maymays channels will result in discord mute. Voice channels are unmonitored, we cannot be liable for what may be said in those channels.

    Accusations / Hackusations
    - Accusing RustRD Administration or RustRD Staff of admin abuse, or any other ridiculous accusation will result in a mute. Our community takes this extremely seriously. We do not joke, tease or poke when it comes to this matter. Making a comment in any way regarding a staff member abusing the server or its players will result in investigation with extreme prejudice. Finding its results to be rubbish will result in a  server mute or server ban. 

    - This is not to be taken lightly. RustRD staff are here to promote the best practice in fairness and promote server growth. 

    - Accusing a player of hacking, or gaining an unfair advantage is to be done DIRECTLY with a server admin or RustRD staff member. Accusing a player publicly of cheating, joking about cheating or otherwise giving the public an opinion of a player performing an action which gains an unfair advantage will result in a server mute.


    Spawn Protection
    Spawn protection is used as a tool to prevent players from getting scrubbed off the map at the start of a wipe or shortly after joining the server.

    This tool is not to be exploited by a means of using a player as a mule. If Spawn Protection is used this way . The offending players will have all belongings immediately wiped off the server and spawn protection removed.

    Please ensure that new players joining the server understand that Spawn Protection is a method to protect them. Its not intended to place existing players at a disadvantage.

    Bottom Line
    Arguing with administration about your general demeanor or in general being a nuisance on the server will result in mute or server kick/ban. This includes Claiming admin abuse, refusing to stifle irritating behavior which degrades the quality of the server for other players.

    Having an issue in general with any of these rules in itself will result in mute or immediate ban.

    Ignorantia juris non excusat - Latin for "ignorance of the law excuses not" Not knowing about these rules does not make you exempt from them. They are presented to you when you join our game server and they are presented to you when you join our discord server. If you cant spare a moment to read the rules, An administrator will not spare a moment to you when you have broke them. Make yourself familiar with them before using our services.

    This is our community server. We will run the server to the likings of the community. If you do not like the way the server is ran. Speak with a member of administration or see yourself out.