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Discord Command List

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All commands used to make Sentient Development respond to you are used to display information both in-game and in discord. To to Rust restrictions information sent from Sentient Development may result in some undesired formatting on the RustRD server.

You can donate to the server directly by visiting

You can connect to our server in 3 different ways:
- Click this link from discord steam://connect/ while your game is closed It could take multiple clicks to work
- Connect by finding our server in the modded list - Search for 1x It has the [US] Tag on it 
- Direct connect to our server by typing the following in your console - connect

Race Commands:
/race join - Join an open race event
/race leave - Leave the joined race event
/race passenger PLAYERNAME - Join a driver as a passenger ( Passengers shoot and cause chaos)
/race accept - Accept a request from a player attempting to join you as a passenger.
/race decline - Decline a request from a player attempting to join you as a passenger.

To earn tuna on the server type /tuna in-game on our rust server. 
You will be given a code that you need to send directly to TUNA AUTH 
After successfully authenticating your in-game account to the TUNA AUTH  bot you will be able to collect tuna in-game while playing.

Our discord link is
An easy to remember discord weblink is
Please ensure that potential members of our server use either of the 2 links to join our discord server. Other links my cause undesirable results.

Removes the role newguy from the user in discord. This command must be run by the player with the command.

This server wipes on the first Thursday of every month with a 2 week wipe cycle. BP's are wiped on every First Thursday. We have a backpack, its wiped on the first Thursday of every month. BP's and backpacks are NOT wiped on the 2nd wipe in the biweekly cycle.

Tells Sentient Development to react to your message with a check and an x mark.

RustRD Referral system allows players to join the server with immediate benefits when encouraged to join by a recruiter.
Both players involved in the referral process gain benefits of both Donator and ePatron roles. All donator privileges are granted to both players.
You do not have to be an existing donator or a ePatron to earn the donator benefits of the server.
When you recruit a player you and the recruited will both earn 6 hours of donator privileges. For each player you recruit you earn 6 hours of all RustRD paid privilege's. The time is not accumulative. It does not stack. Backpack space is lost and items will not be returned if you allow your donator privs to lapse.
To get started open the shift menu and click on PLAYER REFERRAL to get started. Request your recruited members for their code when they join the server.  This will allow both of you to earn the servers benefits!
Questions or comments can be answered at any time in the #general channel.

Links the server rules to the discord channel.

Sends discord a link of this page.

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