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The run-down of customization

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This is a basic cut and dry list of our servers customization. Due to this server being a live project its always going to be under development. This post will change to reflect the servers development as it progresses. Donators have the privilege  of seeing the servers Trello Development Map. Any items listed in PINK/VIOLET Are donator features.

This is a work in progress please give me time to fill out all the modifications and their definition.

  • AOE Sorting
    Allows players to instantly dump their entire inventory into player selected containers. Making it easy to pump their base full of freshly farmed loot. No need to spend minutes of time dumping out your inventory.
  • RustRD loot tables
    Custom loot tables through-out all drops on the server which offer items that you wouldnt normally find within the vanilla loot tables. We have tried to make our loot tables seem realistic. Its unlikely you would find C4 in a barrel. Or an apply on Chadley.
  • Armor Suit
    Provides subscribers with a medium-basic set of armor that allows players to withstand the majority of RustRD's environmental ailments.
  • Backpack
    Gives players the ability to move resources through server wipes or protect materials even though their base was flattened. Also provides the ability for players to move server currency through wipes at a heavily reduced exchange rate.
  • Player Join Notification
    When a player joins the server plays an effect that can catch a players attention. Also reports to discord when the players is a new player. Provides the community with information which can easily be used to look up the player and find out more about them. This is a handy tool to kinda get the feel of what a player is like prior to encountering them on a server.
  • Server Chat Titles
    This allows players who have earned some status within the server to have a title which can represent their status. Not much of a huge change but this allows us to allow players to stand out that are particularly helpful or have donated to the server.
  • Server Chat Nuker
    Allows the server to catch particular words or phrases that don't have a place in our community. Upon catching these phrases, removes the message from the chat and mutes the player for 15 minutes. Players that continuedly trigger the chat nuker get nuked from the server.
  • Tuna Betting
    Allows players to place tuna on the gambling wheel in hopes that they may be able to earn some tuna back.
  • Building Action Modifier (TUNA)
    When a building has been placed it has a timer which will tick away which locks the building piece in place as per usual. However on RustRD Once the piece has been locked into place it may be removed by expending tuna to remove walls etc.
  • Building Grades - PUBLIC GARBAGE
    Allows players to AOE upgrade a base to a tier.
  • AOE Workbench zone
    Allows players workbenches to be used in their base in total coverage of their base location. It is no longer required that a player has to be right at the work bench to craft something.
  • Player Chest Stacking
    Allows players to stack chests, Large and small are the only chests which can be stacked. This helps with players that have a ridiculous level of OCD (Me).
  • Clans
    Allows players to formulate groups which they can share immunity of turrets, or authorization of locks and other rust nuisance team sharing.
  • Donator Chat Coloring 
    Players can pick and choose what color they would like their name and their messages to be. Or the players who really want to obsess can have rainbow colors.
  • Server Damage Controller
    Damage of some entities have been reduced to offset the 3x rate of the server.
  • On Screen Death Log
    Prints out information on screen in the upper left when something or some one dies.
  • Tuna Authorization
    When players send the provided code from an ingame message to the TUNA AUTH bot in discord provides them with the ability to earn tuna every 10 minutes.


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