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RustRD Recruitment Message

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== The team of RustRD is recruiting! Looking for casual to skilled players looking to have a good time. Our team offers a mature, engaging and friendly atmosphere to the community of Rust while promoting ACTUAL non toxic and non trolling behavior!```
Heres what we are looking for:

:agree: Players with a great attitude, This usually comes from adults, But sometimes adolescents
:agree: Players who understand that this is a game about being killed, and your stuff being taken
:agree: Players who have good sportsmanship. We dont want sore losers.
:agree: We prefer if you have a mic , Its okay if you dont. We dont expect you to use it 24/7 though.
:agree: Players who can play a few hours a night. We know life can get in the way. Thats okay!

Heres what we are `NOT` looking for:

:disagree: Players who have the need to be excessively annoying. Screaming on mic , throwing a tantrum.
:disagree: Players who are impatient with the lack of interest in planning.
:disagree: Players who are incapable of following the servers rules.
:disagree: `Players who only care about their hours or how well they can spray.`
:disagree: Players who cant be bothered to read a post for team recruitment.

The server we play on:

:Winner: - High quality modifications from the community no public mod garbage
:Winner: - 3x Server, Custom loot tables, Custom AI scripting, Custom Vehicles
:Winner: - Private in house custom map, Custom Monuments , Puzzles and traps
:Winner: - Extreme prejudice to cheating.

If you believe that this post represents what you stand for as a person and what you're looking for in a team/community hit me up.


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